Different Substances that Epoxy Can Resist 

Epoxy resins are generally highly resistant. Because of this, they can practically be used in several applications, such as on laboratory equipment, several consumer applications, adhesives, industrial tooling applications, kitchen?epoxy countertops, several electronics and electrical systems, paints and several coatings and the list goes on. But in this article, we will be talking about the different substances that can surface and resist when used with epoxy resin. This list would be lengthy as well, hence, we tried to come up with a list of important substance types to which epoxy resin is resistant. Keep on reading below: 

Water and other liquids 

One of the great properties of epoxy resin is that it’s nonporous. Meaning, it perfectly ideal to be used as a coating material for several surfaces, like tables and countertops, where liquids can be spilled easily. Different types of fluids, which have acids, and water won’t damage the epoxy resin. As a result, it is now mostly used on kitchen countertops or in laboratories. On the flip side, those surfaces must never be utilized for cutting since epoxy resin can’t resist knife marks and scratches. Apart from that, it can only be utilized indoors since it can poorly react to ultraviolet rays over time.? 

Physical abuse 

Because of its extremely high strength, epoxy resin can optimally endure physical abuse. This means that a lot of pressure or materials will not be able to break or pierce equipment that’s coated with epoxy resin easily. With this in mind, epoxy resin is ideal to be sued for different materials, such as laboratory equipment.? 


The epoxy resin can get optimal chemical resistance, based on how sufficiently cured it was before. Moreover, it can be more likely to be resistant to alkaline environments. Due to such reasons, the epoxy resin has been used all over the world for laboratory equipment. Even pieces of equipment like tables are now coated with epoxy resin to get this high-resistant property.? 

Fire and heat 

Epoxy resin is a good heat-resistant material. Because of this, epoxy resin has been widely used in many industries today, most especially in laboratories. This material can withstand a considerable amount of heat. In terms of fire, epoxy’s phenolic resin has an outstanding fire rating. But epoxy can still be heat-resistant and can even just more than several other substances. If you want to use a version of an epoxy resin that gives much greater resistance to temperature, then we recommend you to use cycloaliphatic epoxy resin. 

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