In terms of replacing damaged or missing teeth, you’ve got many options. But out of all possible options you can have, dental implants stand out the most. Dental implants provide perks that other options for tooth replacement, like bridges or dentures, cannot give. Listed below are the major advantages of these advanced options:  

Simple to maintain  

It’s easy to take care of dental implants. Just floss and brush like you usually do. Having dental implants does not mean that you have to purchase special products to care for them or clean them. You also don’t need special flossers, adhesives, cleansing tablets, or cups. All you have to get is floss and brush, similar to how you took care of your natural teeth.   

Promotes natural speech  

Other options for tooth replacement, like dentures, can change your ability to articulate words correctly. Moreover, missing teeth can affect and alter your speech. Dental implants work and feel as if they are your natural teeth. So, they allow you to speak naturally and easily.   

Avoid Face Shape Changes  

Your teeth play a major role in your facial structure. Once you lose teeth, you also lose the support in your facial structure. As a result, just like how your natural teeth do, dental implants give the same support for your face, keeping it from altering your face shape.   

It Can be Matched with Your Natural Teeth  

Dental implants are available in an extensive option of sizes & shapes. Your dentist will collaborate with you and attend to your needs to develop an implant design that matches your surrounding teeth’ color and perfectly fit in the gap.   

Avoids Bone Loss  

If you’re losing teeth, you’re also losing bone mass in your jaw. Your jawbone requires the stimulation that it takes if your teeth attach to keep up its mass. Dental implants are the only option for tooth replacement that can replace the stimulation of your jaw bone at the same time, which can help in preventing bone loss.   

Less possibility of getting cavities  

Even if you have artificial teeth, they still have to be maintained to avoid bacteria from accumulating in your mouth and lead to infections. However, dental implant materials don’t decay. Meaning, you won’t ever need to worry about having cavities within your dental implants.  

No embarrassing slippage  

Sometimes, those with dentures feel self-conscious as they eat, laugh, or speak in public because dentures can visibly slip or shift within your mouth. If you’re scared of experiencing that, dental implants are the best option for you since they are anchored firmly in place. Hence, it won’t ever embarrass you.  

Backs up nearby teeth  

If you have a gap in your mouth because of a missing tooth, it can cause your teeth to shift places on either side of the gap, which leads to misalignment. If you get dental implants, the gaps can be filled. As a result, it enables you to keep an even and straight smile.